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Resources for Legal Professionals TalkingParents: Helping you advocate for families

TalkingParents was designed with legal professionals and families in mind. Court-approved since 2010, family law professionals across the country have experienced the benefits our service provides by supplying one source of truth, making it easier to eliminate the “he said, she said”, and advocate for the best interests of parents and children.


Why use TalkingParents in your legal profession?

Whether you’re trying to prevent parents from going to court, provide them with a safe way to communicate, or document interactions for evidentiary purposes, TalkingParents is your all-in-one solution. Our Unalterable Records feature is the cornerstone of our service, keeping all actions between co-parents documented without room for deletion. Judges, attorneys, mediators, court-appointed guardians, and others involved in the legal system utilize TalkingParents every day to simplify their work while improving the lives of the families they serve.

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TalkingParents can benefit all sorts of child custody situations and family law matters, ranging from low to high conflict divorce and paternity issues to non-traditional circumstances like adoptions, probate, and more. Learn how TalkingParents can be utilized in your cases.

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Benefits of using TalkingParents

  • finance

    Reduce financial burden

    Legal professionals frequently recommend TalkingParents to lessen the financial strain on co-parents and their families. Parents are often charged for legal services by the hour, so reducing back-and-forth conversations and streamlining evidence can save families hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. In cases where TalkingParents helps parents avoid litigation entirely, families can end up saving far more.

  • litigation

    Avoid litigation

    For attorneys, mediators, arbitrators, divorce coaches, and others working to keep separating parents out of court, TalkingParents proves to be instrumental. Organized, documented communication tends to remove room for argument or litigation upfront, allowing both parties to agree to settle out of court. For these same reasons, TalkingParents can also help parents who have already gone to court avoid future litigation.

  • time saving

    Save time

    For judges, attorneys, and many others involved in the legal system, evidence is key. Because TalkingParents offers comprehensive co-parenting tools in one service, legal professionals and parents can avoid combing through piles of disorganized messages, emails, calendars, receipts, and other miscellaneous documentation. TalkingParents provides Unalterable Records of all messages, calls, schedule coordination, payments, and more, simplifying the evidence gathering process and shortening court proceedings for everyone involved.

  • managing conflict

    Manage conflict

    High-conflict co-parenting relationships can wreak havoc on families. Whether both parents simply agree to use our service, or they are ordered to by the court, TalkingParents can make a positive impact on these contentious situations. With all interactions on the Record, inappropriate behaviors leading to confrontation are often dissuaded, shielding parents and kids from conflict and the physical, mental, and emotional toll that comes along with it.


Find out what sets us apart… Why choose TalkingParents?

TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting service on the market today. Check out our one-to-one competitor comparison breakdown and see for yourself.

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