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Watch a TalkingParents demo

Want to know more about how our service works so you can better advocate for families? In this short video, our Director of Customer Experience walks through all TalkingParents features using the Premium Plan on our mobile app. This demo is a great resource to share with fellow legal professionals and the co-parents you serve.

Explore all features

  • Unalterable Records

    Admissible in courtrooms across the country, keep all actions between co-parents on the Record without room for deletion or undocumented edits.

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  • Secure Messaging

    All messages are timestamped, and nothing can be edited or deleted, keeping co-parents accountable and eliminating claims of “I didn’t see that” or “I didn’t say that” in court.

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  • Accountable Calling℠

    Co-parents can make video or phone calls, complete with call recordings and transcripts, all without disclosing personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

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  • Shared Calendar

    Co-parents can manage custody schedules, exchanges, appointments, and more in one secure location, keeping all coordination organized and documented.

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  • Accountable Payments℠

    Co-parents can securely send or receive money or payment requests, keeping all their shared parenting expenses accounted for.

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  • Personal Journal

    Each parent can keep private notes about anything they want recorded, such as interactions or observances outside of TalkingParents, and share these details with legal professionals if they so choose.

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  • Info Library

    All important information that both parents need access to, like allergy details or emergency contacts, can be documented and shared with customizable cards.

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  • Vault File Storage

    Each parent can store and organize images, videos, and any other files in a personal storage space and share these files via email with any third party.

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  • Attachment Library

    Co-parents can easily view and download all files shared with each other in Secure Messaging.

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