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TalkingParents fundamentally believes we are responsible to our customers as the custodians of their records to protect their privacy and legal rights within the boundaries of the law.

TalkingParents was created to reduce the number of court issues and needs in a Civil Case. There is no need to subpoena TalkingParents for a record in a Civil Case. The TalkingParents user can obtain an up-to-date copy of their complete Unalterable PDF Record via email by accessing the Records section of their account. All records, including PDF records, include a business record certification. Users can also order a printed version of their Records. The client can enter their legal representative’s or court’s address for shipping to alleviate any Chain of Custody concerns. TalkingParents generally ships Printed Records via USPS Priority mail within two business days of purchase.

All PDF records include a Digital Signature. This signature verifies that the record came from TalkingParents and that the record is not digitally modified in any way. If the file is modified in any way, the signature will no longer appear valid. This digital signature can be viewed and verified by opening the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. All records include a unique 16-digit Authentication Code. TalkingParents can use this code to verify any record as genuine by referencing this unique identifier if necessary.

TalkingParents will only respond to valid search warrants to produce records issued pursuant to a valid court order. TalkingParents will not respond to civil nor criminal subpoenas, only search warrants or court orders issued and approved by a judge. The search warrant must expressly set out the scope and the authorization for disclosure. TalkingParents will follow Florida law unless otherwise required by law applicable to the litigation. TalkingParents does not accept service of legal process via fax or email.

Civil case policy

You do not need a subpoena to receive a copy of your records.

Co-parents can always obtain records through our system. If you are an attorney of a co-parent that uses TalkingParents, please ask your client to get the records for you. Your client can enter your address for shipping so the record is delivered directly to your office or to the court.

  • TalkingParents will not respond to civil subpoenas. Issuing a subpoena will not warrant any additional information that would otherwise be available to a co-parent that obtains their own Unalterable Record. 
  • You will be redirected to this policy if you wish to contact us about requesting records for a Civil Case.

Criminal case policy

TalkingParents believes our civic duty is to comply with federal, state, and local criminal matters. However, we are also responsible to our customers as the custodians of their records to protect their privacy and legal rights within the boundaries of the law. This process is solely intended for use by the criminal justice system. It is not for requests for information by TalkingParents users, civil litigations, or criminal defendants.

  • A valid search warrant must be issued pursuant to a court order.
  • Record requests received from the criminal justice system will be charged $119.99 + $0.19 per page per copy.

Chain of custody

PDF and Printed records are compiled directly from TalkingParents servers. The Digital Signature provided on electronic records verifies that the record has not been modified or tampered with in any way.

A Printed Record with a signed and notarized business record affidavit can be ordered by a TalkingParents user. The affidavit affirms the following and more:

  • A record is a true and correct copy of all original records and data kept and compiled by TalkingParents.
  • The personnel of TalkingParents prepared the record in the ordinary course of business at or near the time of the acts, conditions, or events to which the records pertain.
  • The record was prepared by retrieving and printing original information stored by TalkingParents on our secure servers. TalkingParents stores all information as it is created, and compiling this information into the records we provide is our primary business function.

PDF records can be emailed directly from TalkingParents to a lawyer or court representative. The lawyer’s or court representative’s physical address can be used as the shipping address on printed record orders. In this case, the records would be compiled by TalkingParents and sent directly to the provided shipping address.