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Use cases

Restraining orders and injunctions

Much like high-conflict and criminal cases, TalkingParents is ideal as a condition of any restraining order or other injunction for protection when children are involved. Courts can feel comfortable limiting all communication between the petitioner and respondent to TalkingParents immediately, even for temporary situations.

Things to keep in mind

  • The court should inquire as to both parties’ internet access. Most people have access to a smartphone with a data plan, but if one party’s access to the internet is more limited, then the court should take that into account when ordering the use of TalkingParents. For example, the court may only require the petitioner or respondent to check their TalkingParents account once per day when wi-fi is available, or even once per week if they must utilize a computer at the public library.
  • The respondent does not need to know the petitioner’s phone number, email address, physical location, or any other contact information to communicate through TalkingParents. Our system can match parents together using only their names and the first name and birthdate of their oldest child in common. As a result the petitioner can change their contact information and/or block the respondent across all accounts and services but still have a safe way to communicate with the respondent regarding their child(ren).
  • The court may want to include language that allows the use of TalkingParents to be modified by any future court order not related to the injunction case. For example, a different court may later want to order the use of TalkingParents pursuant to a permanent restraining order, criminal domestic violence case, or a civil case like a divorce, paternity action, or child custody modification. The court in that new case may want to set additional or different requirements for the use of TalkingParents, and this language can negate the need to file a modification to the first order.

Example motions and orders

Use of TalkingParents can be requested through a free-standing motion, or you may incorporate it into any number of other motions. Use of our service can also be incorporated into any agreement between the parties to be ratified by court order. Remember, you can adjust our example motion and order language as needed.

Download example motions and orders
The information on this page is not intended to serve as legal advice or instruction. This page is intended to provide qualified legal professionals with information and ideas to help them utilize TalkingParents as a part of their professional practice.

Use Cases